“Vocal Charm School is very professional and easy to work with and gets the job done. They’ve allowed me to feel very comfortable to find my true voice. Production wise, they are really great at fitting the track to your personality. Playing almost every instrument, they really help you find the sound you want and need.” -Mickael, www.youtube.com/mickaeltv


“Vocal Charm School is one of the best vocal coaching programs in the world. They have over a decade of experience. They helped me learn how to really use my voice, both technically and as a tool to tell a story through. Because of their techniques, my voice is stronger and I now sing with confidence. They taught me how to belt notes with ease. I am grateful to them for their help and I am a better vocalist because of it.” -Cecilia, soundcloud.com/cellyblack


“VCS is my go to team! They’ve taken me to a level vocally beyond where I was a couple years ago. Not only are they multi-talented in the studio, they are capable of pulling out the best of you. I’m a better singer/songwriter/rapper/producer because of their skills!” -Benjamin Hey!, www.benjaminhey.com


“Vocal Charm School is a great production team. They spent so much time creating instrumentals for me and making them sound great. They are very talented and can play many different instruments. They are also a great vocal coach and can teach you what you need to learn in order to be a successful singer. I highly recommend working with VCS to accomplish your musical goals.” -Rose Silkey, www.youtube.com/rosesilkey


“Vocal Charm School are not just vocal trainers but also a personal trainers who know how to work the vocals and push you to the extreme limit. They have definitely had a huge impact on broadening my vocal range.” -Ebony J


“VCS has taken my voice to a level I’ve only dreamed about. Before I came to them, I was completely terrified of singing. They have not only coached me vocally but have provided me with a nurturing environment to conquer my fear and gave me a lot of encouragement. What they have done for me is totally invaluable and I owe my life to them! They helped me to find the sound I was looking for and had no idea of what it was and we created my first recordings! Through them I also am able to perform in front of people with more ease and confidence.” -Javaneh, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”/Arena Stage Players Theatre


“VCS’s lessons definitely helped! I enjoyed our lesson! I love their style of music and teaching. It’s refreshing!” –Bryan Masters, www.soundcloud.com/BryanMasters


“Vocal Charm School are ideal producers. Great musical minds. They know how to make the music speak to and through the artist.” -Terrell Brown


“I was an awful singer who really wanted and loved to sing. I had heard of quite a few vocal coaches but Vocal Charm School came most highly recommended. I started vocal training and my voice was totally transformed. I now have a wide range coupled with amazing control. I can now tackle any song and even add my own twist to it. As I trained with VCS, and got to know them more I realized how adept musicians they were. They are responsible for some of the most amazing tracks I have ever heard. Anyone looking for music or would just like to improve their vocal ability, Vocal Charm School is definitely the way to go.” -Femi Onas


“Vocal Charm School is unlike any other vocal coach I’ve worked with. They quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses helped build my confidence as a vocalist. Since working with VCS, two of my songs were featured on MTV Buzzworthy songs of the week!” -Moxiie, moxiiemusic.com

“VCS is one of the best kept secrets. They can produce hip-hop to rock. Their tracks can make you dance or cry. If you have the opportunity to work with them consider yourself blessed.” -Charles


“Vocal Charm School paid great attention to detail in production, but knew when to let a song speak for itself. They also knew what it took to successfully encourage me to evoke the raw, pure emotions from the stories in my lyrics and melodies. When a song was finished, I always felt it was complete with no hesitation.” -Anna Zoe (Indie Singer-Songwriter), www.annazoe.com


“Vocal Charm School’s technical training, guidance and mentoring have been an invaluable part of not just my vocal development but my overall development as an artist. They are constantly showing me new and innovative ways to develop my abilities as a performer and to have the confidence to take on challenges I might not otherwise think possible.” -Alphonzo Terrell


“The original beat I received from Vocal Charm School was great quality and full of energy. It was the exact sound I had been searching for. Additionally, I’ve listened to several beats produced by them and I’ve found they are equipped with knowledge and talent to create original music marketable to any genre.” -Bryt Williams


“A natural talent for poetry and with that VCS exude lyrics that burst with catchy rhythmic and melodic sounds. All true and pure to the artist but vague enough for the listener to relate to. Their lyrics and story-telling takes you along a journey that leaves room for the imagination.” -Amalia Watty, www.soundcloud.com/amaliasworld


“Vocal Charm School as a production team has the ability of reading my energy, my feelings and emotions when we are working on a track. I know exactly what I expect from a song, however, VCS surprises me each time creating a unique piece of art. Working with them has been one of the most amazing experiences I’m having creating my career. They understand and respect my requirements and preferences and create the perfect environment where I can be myself and express it through my music.
As a piano instructor, I commend them for their patience with me, I haven’t been their best student by far! And still they didn’t give up on me, and now I can appreciate our efforts as I keep learning and developing my musical senses.” -Luis Albau


“VCS is the “Producers Real Deal” well-rounded to make music for ANY genre as they just came off 2012 to produce my song “We Bounce.” Vocal Charm School is on their way to HITS on HITS. THE PRODUCER FUTURE IS UNIVERSALLY THEIRS!!” -Eric “E-Jam E-Global” Murray, www.unite2jam.com


“Vocal Charm School is a gift from above! My singing was monotonous and timid before I came to them due to the fact I was totally frightened at the thought of singing in front of people. With their exercises I learned how to put emotion behind my voice and explore depths of my voice that I did not know I had and was hiding behind embarrassment and fear. They helped me to correct all my vocal problems and I honestly felt more confidence and encouragement after the FIRST lesson. I sing with more ease and I’ve noticed an increase in my range. Now I am a real singer. If you need a supportive vocal coach and people that KNOW singing, VCS comes highly recommended.” -NostalgicOnly, indie artist


“No strangers to feeling a true brother to this music…VCS is a great production team who not only can produce from the ear, vocal arrangement, writing and direction in the studio is second to none. They produced and helped guide me as a vocalist no matter how much I decided to give up in the studio their beliefs in me forced and pushed me to want to be better than I was…Strong minded producers and very well grounded people, any vocalist would be lucky to work with them.” -C-Jay, www.musicwithinc.com


“Sky Santiago on a Vocal Charm School’s vocal coach:” -Background singer for Eminem, www.skyheavens.com
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2kr81UWIio


“Tru Collins, Jonny on the Rocks, and LA (Lyn Alyson) give praise to VCS’s vocal masters after a show in Hollywood:”

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D45Y42Qtp08


“Clurel Henderson of Vocal Charm School is a gentleman and a scholar.  They are the Michael Jordan of vocal coaching.  In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Vocal Charm School, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten.  VCS will change your life.” -Ted Watson, lead singer of Stargroves indie band (CMT Top 10 Song Contest Finalist, nominee of CMT Listener’s Choice Awards – “‘Westfjords,” www.stargroves.com


Ever since I could remember I have wanted to be a performer. It goes all the way back to elementary school, to junior high, to high school, to community college, to college to life! Music is my life, their is no other way to put it. when I am on stage all my problems go away and I feel like I can do anything. I have been trained by many amazing scholars but one of my favorite teachers is Vocal Charm School. Not only are they amazing voice teachers, they are good friends that really bring out the real person inside of me. They have taught me to not be afraid of anyone and to not worry about what people think their motto is “who cares.” I will take their advice where ever the road takes me. Another thing they have taught me to just be myself which is what people really want. They are my producers and friends. They have really made me understand the kind of sound I have and have made me know who I am in the music world. We work really well together in the studio writing and recording. These wonderful people have influenced me in a way no other has! Not only am I a singer but I am a dancer as well, I grauduated from Hunter college in NYC with a bachelor degree in Dance and minored in Theater. I will not ever stop fighting for what I want I am very determined to be the next singing sensation!” -Alyson Sichenzia, www.reverbnation.com/alysonsichenzia


Working with Vocal Charm School was a great experience. They custom made an original beat tailored to my voice and lyrics. They made sure all the elements of the song fit my style and the energy I needed to come through in my song. They have an ear for the beat and production and worked closely with me on the music & instrumentals. I highly recommend collaborating with them for your musical endeavors! I will be performing my song “It’s Gonna Be OK” on Shaynii on Indie talk show at the end of the month, and it will be available online at the end of the month!- Rachel Arac, singer, actress, modelhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Ua0_tdG80,  http://www.reverbnation.com/rachelarac/song/16362673-angels-making-love


I had an awesome experience working with Vocal Charm School.  This was my first time recording original material and VCS was extremely encouraging and collaborative throughout the entire process.  They listened to and incorporated my ideas, but most importantly they encouraged me through my self-doubt.  From the beginning they took the time to understand what kind of music I was looking to create and the kind of sound I was going for.  This was a challenge as I wanted all three tracks to be very different.  Vocal Charm School definitely rose to the occasion and produced three songs that were exactly what I was looking for.  I have more confidence than ever and I’m really looking forward to being able to work with them again! -Kaitrin, singer and actress


Their vocal classes helped me so much, after just 1 lesson I was already singing better! Clurel and his team really know what their doing and I recommend this class to anyone ! –Alejandra Salas


Being able to sing in front of people was my life’s #1 Greatest Fear, but also my life’s #1 Greatest Wish. Around two years ago I finally conjured up the courage to take a performance class and I found Vocal CHARM School. Clurel is SO GREAT at finding what makes each student special and works closely in helping to bring their best out. The first few classes were the absolute worst days of my life because I was so nervous, but he HELPED me steadily develop the COURAGE to show everything I had in my heart and that has made me not only the best singer I could be, but today I am more FEARLESS and the best person I have EVER been. Clurel is a ROCK and given enough time YOU will become a rock too. Today I perform at least once a month throughout NYC, have made a great network of other musicians and feel the freest to just be and express myself. You cannot put a price on being happy and and taking class with Clurel was the BIGGEST and BEST first step that I ever took in grabbing life by the horns. Now I’m becoming a source of inspiration for other people through my music. THANKS CLUREL! –Samantha Leon, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5x_sxZnhl0


Where do I start!! Lets just say that as a current active student my confidence level and vocal abilities have increased tremendously. Just last night I attended an open mic where I intended to just “watch” but because of all of the different “fearbreaking” exercises we do in class, and because the instructor is the bomb .com, I knew I had to get on that stage! (I used all of the tools he gave me in class from mic tecnique to not thinking, to believing in myself, to singing in class with live music instruments, to improv, to adjusting and many more tools (I wont give it all away lol), when I finally decided to sign up and sing at the open mic, my track skipped, so the live band started playing a beat and I sang my lyrics to it smoothly! And I felt strange because it was the first time id ever gone to an open mic, and first time singing with a live band that I never met before, yet it all felt so familiar because vocal charm school prepped me for instances like the one I expreienced last night. thanks VCS! Id recommend it to everyone! –MadeyStar Reyes, https://soundcloud.com/madeyrey